Images of Aviation: Selfridge Field


The Mount Clemens Public Library and the Selfridge Military Air Museum have collaborated on a book entitled, Images of Aviation: Selfridge Field, published by Arcadia Publishing.



There are nearly 200 captioned photos and they cover the story of Selfridge Air National Guard Base from its tenuous start in the mudflats along Lake St. Clair to its present-day form as an exemplary joint military community hosting units from all of the United States armed services.

The book retails for $25.00 plus tax with Free Shipping. Available Online or through the Selfridge Military Air Museum’s Gift Shop, local bookstores, and local/national retail outlets and organizations.

If you wish the book mailed to you, please CLICK HERE for the order form.  Please fill out the information and indicate your payment method.  Mail the order form and payment to:

Selfridge Military Air Museum
27333 C Street, Bldg 1011
Selfridge ANG Base, MI 48045