M-4 Sherman Tank Driving Experience













M-4 Sherman Tank Driving Experience

The ground trembles and quakes as the iconic World War II M-4 Sherman tank rumbles across the open terrain impervious to every obstacle before it. This is what victory sounds and feels like, and you can be in the driver’s seat to experience this sensation first hand – if you are the highest bidder!

One lucky winner will be given instructions on how to drive an original 1945, M-4A1E8 Sherman tank. The winner will receive instructions on how to operate this 36-ton armored war machine safely. You will then be given the opportunity to drive this behemoth around our driving course.

Want to impress your friends?  While you drive the Sherman tank, two of your closest friends will be able to ride along in the turret hatches to watch you fulfill your dream. This could be your only chance to make that dream happen, don’t miss out!

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