Michigan Activity Pass

The Selfridge Military Air Museum has joined the Michigan Activity Pass.  These passes will be available at your local public libraries for a 7-day check-out period.  The SMAM pass will be: Buy one Adult, Get One Child (ages 4-12) Free.  Check the Michigan Activity Pass website link below for locating the Museum’s available pass for our 2022 Season beginning April through October.

If you haven’t checked out the ‘Michigan Activity Pass’, you really are missing some wonderful opportunities.  There are some really great places to visit for free or with reduced prices.

Michigan Activity Pass has rolled out a ‘Mobile Pass feature’! Just save your pass to your mobile device and show it to the Museum you are visiting.  No more paper printouts are needed!

New Collector’s Prints


NOW ON SALE – Artist Antonis Karydis depicts the final victory of LtCol Gabby Gabreski as he downs a German Me-109 over Evreux, France on 5 July 1944. This brought Gabby’s total to 28 confirmed ‘kills’, making him America’s leading ace in Europe.

'Answering the Call' Prints Now Available

An FG-1D Corsair, belonging to VMF-251 “Satan’s Messengers” received a call for close air support for Marines battling Japanese forces in the Pacific in early 1945.

Special Selections

SPAD Hanger Virtual Tour