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The Michigan Air Guard Historical Association (MAGHA) was formed to preserve the heritage and tradition of the Air National Guard in Michigan and the military units, past and present, headquartered at Selfridge Air National Guard Base and in the surrounding communities.

Preserving the history and legacy of Selfridge ANG Base and the Michigan Air National Guard

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Corporations can derive several benefits from sponsoring the Selfridge Military Air Museum. These benefits can vary depending on the specific goals and strategies of the corporation, but some common advantages include:

Brand Visibility and Awareness: Sponsorship of the Selfridge Military Air Museum can significantly enhance a corporation’s brand visibility and awareness. The museum’s visitors, media coverage, and promotional materials can all help showcase the sponsoring corporation’s name, logo, and message to a wide audience.

Positive Public Image: Supporting a military air museum can contribute to a positive public image for the sponsoring corporation. Many view such sponsorships as a sign of patriotism, respect for history, and support for veterans and military personnel. This positive association can enhance the corporation’s reputation and goodwill among consumers, stakeholders, and the community.

Targeted Marketing and Audience Engagement: Military air museums often attract a specific audience interested in history, military artifacts, and related topics. For corporations targeting this demographic, sponsoring such a museum provides a direct avenue to engage with their target market. It allows targeted marketing efforts, product placements, and promotional activities tailored to appeal to museum visitors.

Networking and Relationship Building: Sponsorship of a military air museum can create networking opportunities and facilitate relationship-building with key stakeholders. This includes museum staff, volunteers, veterans’ organizations, government officials, and other sponsors. These connections can lead to collaborations, partnerships, and business opportunities beneficial to the corporation.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Many corporations emphasize CSR in their values and business practices. Sponsoring a military air museum aligns with CSR goals by demonstrating a commitment to preserving history, supporting education, honoring veterans, and contributing positively to the community. This involvement can enhance the corporation’s overall CSR strategy and reputation.

Employee Engagement and Morale: Corporate sponsorship of a military air museum can boost employee engagement and morale. Employees often take pride in their company’s involvement in meaningful initiatives such as supporting museums dedicated to military history. It can also provide opportunities for employee volunteering, team-building activities, and corporate events at the museum.

Tax Benefits and Financial Incentives: Depending on the corporation’s location and applicable tax laws, sponsorship of cultural institutions like military air museums may offer tax benefits or financial incentives. These can include deductions, credits, or other advantages that make the sponsorship financially advantageous for the corporation.


The Michigan Air Guard Historical Association (MAGHA) is a private, non-profit organization incorporated in the State of Michigan in 1975 and received Internal Revenue Service 501c3 tax-exempt status in 1976.

Mission of the Selfridge Military Air Museum:

Educating and inspiring generations with over one hundred years of aviation experience and innovation.

The association leases buildings and land on Selfridge ANG Base for the Museum & Air Park Display, aircraft/vehicle restoration, equipment maintenance, reference library, and storage. The lease requires reimbursement to the federal government for utilities and services that federal employees perform.

Tax ID #51-0164512
For receipt, contact:
Steve Mrozek, Executive Director
27333 C Street
Selfridge ANG Base, MI 48045
Phone: 586-239-6768

Sponsoring the Selfridge Military Air Museum can yield various benefits for corporations, from enhanced brand visibility and positive public image to targeted marketing opportunities and CSR fulfillment. These benefits can contribute to the corporation’s strategic goals, community engagement efforts, and long-term success.

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Your company’s generous support of the Selfridge Military Air Museum at either of the Corporate Levels is invaluable. With your contribution, we will exceed our goals and make a lasting impact on our mission. Join now and help us soar above and beyond in our efforts to preserve and honor our military air history.

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Selfridge ANG Base
27333 ‘C’ Street
Harrison Twp, MI 48045

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Re-open 6 April 2024

*Special tours for groups of 10 or more can be arranged. For more information, please call 586-239-5035.