Donation Completed

Thank you for your generous donation to the Selfridge Military Air Museum. Your gift is greatly appreciated.

Tax ID #51-0164512

For receipt, contact:

Steve Mrozek,  (SFC, USA, RET)
27333 C Street
Selfridge ANG Base, MI 48045
Phone: 586-239-6768

About Our Funding

The Selfridge Military Air Museum and the Michigan Air Guard Historical Association do not receive Federal or State funding. They are totally dependent on contributions, membership dues, and a small gift shop for operating capital. Most of our sources of revenue are tax-deductible.

Museum Memberships

Support the museum by becoming a member of the Michigan Air Guard Historical Association (see our membership form) or just make a donation.

Aircraft & Artifact Donations

The Selfridge Military Air Museum is always looking for relevant artifacts that correspond with our display that will add to or enhance it. If you have items of Selfridge memorabilia (photos, models, etc), military or aircraft-related memorabilia that you wish to donate unconditionally, please call the Museum Director at 586-239-6768 for more information.