B-17 Yankee Lady Ride































B-17 Yankee Lady Ride

What can one say about the thrill of taking a flight in this historic warbird?  The Yankee Air Museum’s iconic B-17 ‘Yankee Lady’ provides the aviation buff the thrill of flying in the legendary aircraft.

Not into B-17’s? This auction allows you the option of flying in any of the following Yankee Air Museum aircraft.  The B-25 Mitchell bomber, a UH-1D ‘Huey’, the legendary helicopter of Vietnam fame, or a Ford Motor Company Tri-motor, the aircraft that paved the way for commercial airline travel throughout the world.

Bidding Begins at 18:00 hrs. on July 30, 2021

Bidding Ends at 18:00 hrs. on August 6, 2021

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