SMAM Aviation Adventure Auction Items

Pick your dream flight and make a bid to help support the Selfridge Military Air Museum (SMAM).

Our mission is to advance aviation through education and first-hand experience with aircraft from all eras of military flight. In addition to the actual aircraft on the grounds, SMAM offers insights into historic aviation events through displays within the museum.

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As an added plus, SMAM is a 501c3 charity, so your winning bid is tax-deductible.

Bidding Begins at 18:00 hrs. on July 28, 2023

Bidding Ends at 18:00 hrs. on August 4, 2023

What you should know before you make a bid:

Once bidding commences, you must complete the Statement of Understanding below and Register with our website before placing a bid.

All bidders must be 18 yrs of age or older. Winning bidders will be provided the contact information for each donor in order to coordinate the date and location where the flight is to take place. The winning bidder must be physically able to participate in each flight experience. The winning bidder will be required to complete appropriate documents releasing the pilot, owner of the aircraft, The Selfridge Military Air Museum, and its officers from any liability in participating in this auction. Flights in each of these aircraft are subject to pilot and aircraft availability and weather conditions. Failure to comply with any of these requirements can lead to forfeiture of the prize and re-assignment to the next highest bidder.

Aviation Education Center & Hanger

All Proceeds from The Aviation Adventure Auction will be dedicated to the construction of an Aviation Education Center and Hanger and the ongoing restoration of a Goodyear Manufactured FG-1D Corsair fighter of WW II fame. This center will be where students and like-minded individuals can learn about the science and technologies that evolved from the aerospace programs.

The new Hanger and Aviation Education Center is just one element of the rebranding and facilities upgrade effort we are making here at the Selfridge Military Air Museum as we move forward with our vision for 2024.

Goodyear Airship Ride

Now is your chance to experience what very few people will ever be able to in their life time, a flight for two in the Goodyear Airship.  Take this magnificent journey in one of only 3 airships currently flying in the United States.

F-100 Super Sabre Ride

It’s the closest thing to a Top Gun flight the average Joe will ever get. Climb aboard an F-100F two-seat Super Sabre for a flight adventure you can’t get anywhere else.

Northern Michigan Fall Color Aviation Tour

A Northern Michigan Fall Color Aviation Tour for two with lunch on Mackinaw Island. The pilot will fly you over scenic areas known for their vibrant autumn colors, such as forests, lakes, and rivers. After enjoying the aerial views, the pilot will fly you to Mackinac Island

All proceeds will go to the Selfridge Military Air Museum to further their mission.

The Selfridge Military Air Museum is a non-profit, 501c3 organization dedicated to the preservation of the history of the men and women who served at one of America’s oldest military flying installations. Founded in 1917, Selfridge has been home to some of the United States’ outstanding aviation pioneers. Carl Spaatz, Curtis LeMay, Charles Lindberg, and Ralph Royce are but some of the USAF’s outstanding leaders who have spent parts of their career at Selfridge.

Today, Selfridge is the only Air National Guard Base that operates its own aerodrome and supports two ANG flying units, the 107th Fighter Squadron and the 171st Aerial Refueling Squadron of the Michigan Air National Guard.

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