Adopted by Cub Scout Pack 206

The US-2A Tracker, Aircraft #144721, is on loan from the National Museum of Naval Aviation. This Grumman built ship-board anti-submarine and patrol aircraft was developed in the 1950s to perform a mission originally flown using two single-engine aircraft, one to locate the submarine and the other to destroy it. The S-2 performed both functions and had the reliability of two engines. The S-2F/E was flown by Naval Reserve units at Selfridge from 1968 to 1979 (VS-64, VS-73 and NAF Detroit). Aircraft #144721 was at the Willow Grove NAS in Pennsylvania and flown to Selfridge in 1979.

Wingspan: 72' 7"
Length: 43' 6"
Height: 16' 3"
Weight: 26,867 lbs.
Engine: R-1820-82 (2)
Power: 1,525 hp ea.
Speed: 253 mph
1st Flight: 1952

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