Adopted by SMSgt Ralph Watkins and The Evans Family

The TF-102 is the trainer version of the F-102, which was the first operational delta-winged fighter in the USAF and the first operational fighter designed to defend itself with missiles and rockets only (no guns). Our Museumís TF-102 is the first of these trainers built and was flown by USAF units at Selfridge from 1958 to 1961. TF-102A, #041351, was moved over the road from Chanute AFB, IL to Selfridge in 1988.

Wingspan: 38' 2"
Length: 68' 4 "
Height: 21' 2"
Weight: 32,104 lbs.
Engine: P&W J-57-P-23A
Thrust: 16,000 lbs.
Speed: 646 mph
1st Flight: 1955

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