Adopted by The Fountain Family

The T-6 "Texan" was flown by all three flying squadrons in the Michigan ANG from 1946 to 1955. The aircraft was originally a Marine Corps SNJ-4, serial number 27842. Last stationed at Cherry Point, NC in the 1950s, it was declared excess and went through a number of private organizations. The aircraft was purchased by the Selfridge Military Air Museum in 2013 and restored to represent a T-6 flown by the Michigan ANG's 171 FBS from 1953 to 1955.

Aircraft Statistics
Length = 29' Height = 11' 9"
Wing Span = 42' Max. weight = 5,617 lbs.
Engine: P&W R-1340 Range = 1,000 miles
Power: 600 hp Top Speed: 206 mph






Photos courtesy of Sally Ann-Waye Hudson and Lori Nye.

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