Red Roof Inn

This Lockheed-built two-place trainer was originally intended to train pilots to fly jets. The T-33 is a derivative of the P-80 which was the Air Force’s first operational jet fighter. T-33 aircraft were flown by the 56th FG and 1st FWfrom 1960-1969 and by Michigan ANG units at Detroit Metro Airport and Selfridge from 1953 to 1987. T-33 #53-6099 was donated by the Air Force to a flying club in Caro MI and airlifted to Selfridge. This aircraft has been repainted to represent a T-33 flown by the 171st Fighter Interceptor Squadron of the Michigan ANG.

WINGSPAN: 37' 6"
LENGTH: 37' 8"
HEIGHT: 11' 7"
WEIGHT: 15,000 lbs.
ENGINE: Allison J-33
THRUST: 5,400 lbs.
SPEED: 525 mph
1st FLIGHT: 1948

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