The full-scale, historically accurate, replica of the French built SPAD on display was constructed over a three year period (2006-2009) by Selfridge Military Air Museum volunteers. The SPAD was flown by 15 of the 16 American Expeditionary Forces in World War I and was the personal favorite of Capt Eddie Rickenbacker, America's leading ace of World War I. The SPAD XIII, flown at Selfridge Field by the 17th Squadron in 1919 and from 1922 through 1925, was one of the first airplanes capable of firing its twin mechanically-timed guns through the propeller.

Wingspan: 26' 6"
Length: 20' 6"
Height: 8' 6"
Weight: 1,245 lbs.
Top Speed: 139 mph
Range: 250 miles (2 hrs)
Service Ceiling: approx. 22,000'
Engine: 1-Hispano-Suiza of 22 hp

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