Boy Scout Troop 1941

The RB-57 was built by the Glenn Martin Company under license from English Electric. In 1958, as part of the modernization of the ANG, four units, including the 172nd Tac Recon Squadron at Kellogg Field in Battle Creek, received the RB-57A from the US Air Force. In 1971, the RB-57As at Battle Creek were replaced by Cessna O-2As. RB-57A #52-1485 was restored in 1990 by volunteers from the Battle Creek unit.

Wingspan: 64'
Length: 65' 6"
Height: 15' 7"
Weight: 51,000 lbs.
Engine: Wright J-65-W-5 (2)
Thrust: 7,200 lbs. each
Speed: 600 mph
1st Flight: 1953

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