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P-3 Orion 50th Anniversary video

This Lockheed-built long range anti-submarine and patrol aircraft was flown by the US Navy Reserve’s Patrol Squadron (VP) 93 from 1976 until it was decommissioned in 1994. The long probe on the tail of the aircraft is a Magnetic Anomaly Detector that could detect fluctuations in the earth’s magnetic field caused by submerged submarines. The P-3 was also equipped with sophisticated sensors and sonobuoys that could hear submarines under water. It is open for interior tours during the museum's open season and when tour guides are available. It can also be opened by special request for special occasions. LH-02 has been restored to an "almost MCS (Mission Capable Status)".

Photo courtesy of Jerry Lach.

Wingspan: 99' 8 "
Length: 116' 10"
Height: 33' 8 "
Weight: 135,000 lbs.
Engine: Allison T-56-A-14 (4)
Power: 4,600 hp ea
Speed: 440 mph
1st Flight: 1961

Group photo of VP-93 Alumni Association Members, taken August 2018

Photo courtesy of Jerry Lach.


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