Adopted by U.S. Coast Guard Air Station Detroit

The Sikorsky HH-52 helicopter was developed from a Sikorsky commercial S-62 amphibious helicopter. This is the helicopter that truly made rotary-wing aviation the backbone of Coast Guard aviation. The HH-52's versatility and reliability were legendary--as was its ability to work with the cutters of the Coast Guard's fleed, including its icebreakers. This little helicopter, a unique assemblage of proven parts, comfortably behind the cutting edge, performed astounding feats in thousands upon thousands of occasions. It became the international icon for rescue and proved the worth of the helicopter many times over. It had an enormous impact on Coast Guard aviation.

This Sikorsky-built helicopter was flown by U.S. Coast Guard Air Station Detroit at Selfridge ANG Base, Michigan from 1981 to 1988 for search and rescue missions.

Rotor Diameter: 53'
Length w/Rotors: 62' 3"
Height: 16'
Weight: 8,300 lbs.
Engine: GE-T58
Power: 845 hp
Speed: 126 mph
1st Flight: 1963

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