Adopted by Boy Scout Troop 209

The F-89J "Scorpion" was a twin-engine, all-weather, fighter-interceptor designed to locate, intercept, and destroy enemy aircraft by day or night under all types of weather conditions. It carried a pilot in the forward cockpit and a radar operator in the rear who guided the pilot into the proper attack position. The F-89 was flown by all three Michigan ANG units (107th FIS, 171st FIS, and 172nd FIS) from 1956-1958.

Length: 53' 8"
Wingspan: 59' 10"
Height: 17' 6"
Max. Weight: 47,700 lbs. loaded
Engine: Allison J-35 turbojet (2)
Power: 7,200 lbs. thrust from each engine
Top Speed: 627 mph

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