Adopted by the Fingal,Upleger and Czapla Families

The F-4 was originally developed for the US Navy as a carrier-based all-weather interceptor. The F-4C is the first version developed for the US Air Force who used it as an all-weather multi-role fighter. This McDonnell Douglas built aircraft was flown by the 171st Fighter Interceptor Squadron at Selfridge from 1978 until it was replaced by the F-4D in 1986.

Wingspan: 38' 5 "
Length: 58' 2 "
Height: 16' 6 "
Weight: 58,000 lbs.
Engine: GE J-79-GE-15 (2)
Thrust: 17,000 lbs. ea.
Speed: 1,400 mph
1st Flight: 1963

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