Adopted by the Van Dyke Cadet Squadron of the CAP

This aircraft is the military version of the Beech Model 18 commercial transport. The aircraft on display was originally an AT-11 that was converted to a Beech 18 after WW II. It has been restored to resemble the C-45B flown by the Michigan ANG in the 1940's. The C-45B was a revised version of the C-45A, the only major difference between the two models being the interior layout. The C-45B was used primarily as a light passenger transport but could be configured to carry light cargo loads.

WINGSPAN: 47' 8"
LENGTH: 34' 3"
HEIGHT: 9' 2"
WEIGHT: 8,725 lbs.
ENGINE: P&W R-985-17 (2)
POWER: 450 hp ea.
SPEED: 205 mph
1st FLIGHT: 1937

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