Adopted by Macomb County Young Marines

This Lockheed-built transport, Aircraft #62-1848, was originally developed as an assault transport capable of operating from short unpaved runways. It has since been adapted for many uses by military and commercial organizations worldwide. The C-130E was flown by the Airlift Element of the 127th Wing in worldwide missions from 1994 to 2007 when the unit converted to the KC-135 in the air refueling mission. This aircraft has been repainted to represent a C-130E flown by the 171st Airlift Squadron of the Michigan ANG.


WINGSPAN: 132' 7"
LENGTH: 97' 9"
HEIGHT: 38' 10"
MAX. WEIGHT: 124,200 lbs.
ENGINE: Allison T-56-A-9 (4)
POWER: 3,755 hp ea.
SPEED: 345 mph
1st FLIGHT: 1962

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